Supporting Collaborative Curation of Historic Documents with Mobile Ad Hoc Cross-Device Interactions

Frederik Brudy, Nicolai Marquardt, Hans-Christian Jetter, Steven Houben, Abigail Sellen, Yvonne Rogers

in CHI'15 workshop on Mobile Collocated Interactions - From Smartphones to Wearables at the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2015, Seoul, Korea.


Curating historic documents and artefacts is a demanding task, requiring collecting, reviewing, and combining a large collection of raw material from different sources. While digital technologies can support such curation activities, the devices often work in isolation and do not well support the dynamic nature of collaborative curation activities. We envision ad hoc cross-device interactions with existing personal, mobile devices to support small groups collaborating during those curation activities. The interaction techniques can draw from previous research on considering spatial relationships between people and devices to mediate interactions. In this paper, we describe our ongoing research, open questions and challenges for future work on the technical as well as on the social aspects of multi-device setups in the wild.