Using UCL's proxy server to access publications from outside UCL

Most publications can nowadays be found on many websites without paywalls (Google Scholar is your friend!). Many universities offer VPN connections or proxy servers that their members can use to access publications behind paywalls. So does my university: Setting up and using a VPN connection is quite useful if you are using it for a longer literature research or want to secure an otherwise insecure connection. UCL Computer Science for example offers a VPN service, but also UCL ISD has one you can use.

However, when I am at home I sometimes only want to access one single paper behind a paywall. Using the following bookmarklet massively decreases the effort I have to go to do so.
Simply create a bookmark in your browser with the following target URL:


Or simply drag the following link to your bookmarks bar: UCL EZProxy

Now, whenever you find yourself in situations where you cannot access a paper from outside UCLs network, click the link and it will reload it through the UCL proxy. Of course this only works for subscriptions UCL has access to and if you have valid login credentials.