Microsoft Surface Calibration Sheet

In our lab we have one of the early Microsoft Surface tabletops. They are incredibly heavy and seem to never have been a commercial success - I guess no one saw the need for a coffee table with a touch screen on it. The original version ran Windows XP, with a Microft Surface touch framework, doing all the touch and blob recognition.

Together with Steven, we recently gave ours a little makeover, adding more RAM and installing Windows 7 on it. However what we couldn't find was the original Microsoft surface calibration sheet needed to calibrate the cameras. There are some photos of them out there on the internet, but I couldn't find any that were high quality enough to be printed. So I asked around other research labs, to a better photo of the calibration board and the dimensions. I reconstructed it, using Processing and thought someone else might want to use it.

So, here it is: The Microsoft Surface Tabletop Calibration Board.
You should print this, so the pattern has the dimension of 63.45cm x 48.20cm. If you print this PDF on A4 paper using the Poster function in Adobe Acrobat Reader, you should get the correct dimensions.

If you use this file, it would be great to hear from you!