Hello Blog

I rarely post things on Facebook. To be honest I even do it so rarely that I have been asked whether I have put people on a certain "restricted" list or not. At the end of 2014 Facebook prepared a short video "Your year in review" for every user, highlighting the biggest moments of the year. I was intrigued what my Facebook-year looked like. It ended up being a 30 second clip with two moments: a photo I posted after submitting my master thesis and a photo I've posted to announce my move to London. I probably belong to the 80%-part of the Pareto Principle: I consume other people's content and use that social network it for personal communication. Twitter on the other hand is nice to just shout out small things. I don't post lengthy comments on there - simply because 140 characters don't give you a lot of space. The most personal of me I probably put on Instagram. Here I have phases of increased activity and then there are times which are not as busy.

Most of my social media usage is in order to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues through direct messages and small groups.

Recently however I had more and more of a desire to write my thoughts down on certain topics. Sometimes about personal things (my move to London), things related to technology (there are awesome tools, hardware and software projects out there!) or more in-depth research related topics I am or have been working on: there are often many things I would like to write a note about.

I have many ideas what to write about, however I am not quite sure which direction exactly this blog will take. So contact me in case you have any further comments about it!